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IFA International Federation of Armsports (Formally World Armsport Federation) Member of IACS

International Association of Combative Sports. 

What's WAF?

Armsport can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt where a painting depicting a type of armsport was found in an Egyptian tomb dating to about 2,000 B.C.

The modern sport of Armsport in the United States is based on the Native American game. In the early days the sport was often called, "Indian wrestling". In 1952, the first matches took place in Petaluma, California, in a saloon.

Bob O'Leary founded the American Armsport Association (AAA), in the 1960s.

And too Bob O'Leary founded the World Armsport Federation in 1967.

In 1968, Charles Schultz did a number of comic strips on Armsport that helped give the sport coverage. The World Armsport Federation (WAF), was founded with the United States, Canada, Brazil, and India as the first members. In 1979, the World Armsport Federation (WAF), held its first world championships in Weytaskwin, (Alberta) – Canadá, although it was organized by WAF championships since 1971. It is considered the first World Championship held in Weytaskwin, (Alberta) - Canada, as it was the first to have competitors in some countries. The countries that participated in this first world championships were, the U.S.A., Canada, Brazil and India.

In 1980 the second World Championship held in the city of Calcutta (India) and participated India, Brazil, USA, Canada and Australia. The firsts World Championships (1979 and 1980) only competed sit-down category, thereafter continues as STAND UP Championships.

The list of host countries for the WAF World Championships:-

2013 - Worlds in Punjab, India.

2012 - Worlds in Leon, Spain.

2011 - Worlds not held.

2010 - Worlds in Mikolayev / UKRAINE

2009 - Worlds in Sharm El Sheikh / EGYPT

2008 - Worlds in León / SPAIN

2007 - Worlds not held

2006 - Worlds not held

2005 - Worlds in Utsunomiya / JAPAN

2004 - Worlds in Sao Paulo / BRAZIL

2003 - Worlds in Suzdal / RUSSIA

2002 - Worlds in Alexandria / EGYPT

2001 - Worlds in Gardone / ITALY

2000 - Worlds in Virgina Beach / USA

1999 - Worlds in Vladikavkaz / RUSSIA

1998 - Worlds in Cairo / EGYPT

1997 - Worlds in Guwahati / INDIA

1996 - Worlds in Virginia Beach / USA

1995 - Worlds in Sao Paulo / BRAZIL

1994 - Worlds in Södertälje / SWEDEN

1993 - Worlds in Edmonton / CANADA

1992 - Worlds in Geneva / SWITZERLAND

1991 - Worlds in Netanya / ISRAEL

1990 - Worlds in Houston, Texas / USA

1989 - Worlds in Athens / GREECE

1988 - Worlds in Eskilstuna / SWEDEN

1987 - Worlds in Kent, London / ENGLAND

1986 - Worlds in Calcutta / INDIA

1985 - Worlds in Mexico City / MEXICO

1984 - Worlds not held

1983 - Worlds in San Jose / COSTA RICA

1982 - Worlds in Syracuse / USA

1981 - Worlds in Brasilia / BRAZIL

1980 - Worlds in Calcutta / INDIA

1979 - Worlds in Weytaskwin Alberta / CANADA


About the Founder

Bimal Kumar Chanda

1952 to 1959 - School level Athletes- 100mtrs race, High Jump & Long Jump. Recipient of Gold & Silver Medals.

1960 to 1976 - Started Weightlifting- Services Weightlifter from 1964 to 1971. Recipient of Gold Medals in Indian Navy, established new Records. 

1977 to 1980 - Started Armwrestling  - States levels - Gold Medals, Eastern India - Gold Medals, National level - Gold & Silver Medals, International level- Silver Medals in 1980 held in Perth, Australia. 

Represented INDIA in several International/ World Armsport/ Armwrestling championships in different countries from 1980 to 2006 as International REFEREE.

In 2013 - Represented India in World Armsport Championships held in India and SECURED GOLD MEDALS in Ultra Masters group.

In 1982 became Senior Deputy Director of Referees (Masters) of World Armsport/ Armwrestling Federation and continued. 

In 1990 - Elected as PRESIDENT of Indian Armsport/ Armwrestling  Federation and continued till 2007.

In 2004 - Elected as GENERAL SECRETARY  of Asian Armwrestling Federation.

In 2010 - Re Elected as PRESIDENT of Indian Armsport Federation. 

In 2013 - Became President of World Armsport Federation and continued. 

In 2017 - Elected as President of International Federation of Armsports. 

Recipient of "HALL OF FAME " Award in 1988 from World Armwrestling  Federation held in Sweden. 

Recipient of President's War Medals in 1965 and 1971 WARS to save our motherland from Enemy attached. 

Recipient of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Award- 2019 as "Lifetime Achievement Award " in promotion of Social Justice and Olympism.

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